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Baby Guerrilla unveiled at Victoria University

An admiring crowd gathered at Victoria University’s Footscray Park campus today, at the unveiling of a public art installation by well-known Melbourne artist ‘Baby Guerrilla’.

VU’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Peter Dawkins said, “I’d like to congratulate ‘Baby Guerrilla’ on her remarkable work. It beautifully captures the spirit of education, opportunity and ambition – all values Victoria University shares with her.

“It also depicts a woman who perhaps represents one of the many cultures and countries that make up Australia’s vibrant multicultural mix. As one of Australia’s most culturally-diverse universities, we celebrate our own diversity of students and staff. It is a huge benefit to be able to welcome students of all backgrounds to Victoria University.

“While this work symbolically reflects and reveals our local and university communities, it also physically integrates Victoria University’s Footscray Park Campus into the social and cultural landscape of Melbourne’s west.

“We are honoured to be partners of Maribyrnong City Council in the exciting Footscray University Town project. The project is much more than an urban renewal project. It is also much more than a tertiary education project for the nearly 20,000 students already studying at one of our two Footscray campuses. Footscray University Town aims to bring significant levels of Victoria University activities into Footscray – starting with a bookshop, learning spaces, and a coffee shop.

“Through our involvement with the council and many other community organisations, Footscray – the gateway to Melbourne’s west – is poised to generate more jobs, more investment, and attract more residents.

“Over the next decade, we plan to build on the energy and creativity that Footscray is already known for, to create an exceptional arts precinct with innovative visual and performing arts spaces. We want to provide more opportunities like this one today, and support artists like ‘Baby Guerrilla’ who capture our eyes and our minds in public spaces.”

Professor Dawkins said that ‘Baby Guerrilla’ had “delighted our imaginations, given us cause for reflection, and encouraged us to connect to our community”.

‘Baby Guerrilla’ said, “I would like to thank the people whose support made this work possible. Without all your support this project would never have gotten off the ground – literally or metaphorically.

“It takes courage to support crazy dreams like this and that’s something I believe we need more from both politics and institutions. So I want to thank VU for their courage and vision in supporting this project.

“I believe that no matter what we are or what we do, we can leave a positive mark on this world. My hope is that this artwork achieves its intentions of encouraging other in their dreams of flight.”

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