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A new platform for disengaged students

Media Release
11 March 2009

A new platform for disengaged students

An edgy new magazine launched by Victoria University (VU) has given a voice to disengaged young people who lack positive educational experiences.

Entitled ‘Platform', the publication is an initiative of VU's School of Youth, VCE and Community Education. It was unveiled at Footscray Nicholson Campus by TAFE writing teacher and member of the University's concurrent support team, Bruno Lettieri.

"This is an unashamedly raw, black-and-white magazine that wants to be picked up, put down, scruffed up, and above all, read," he said.

Platform also incorporates writing from teachers, welfare workers and published writers sharing their own experiences. The collection of poetry, quotes, memoirs and anecdotes aims to help young people overcome their immediate difficulties, while building their capacity to become successful.

Bruno said the inspiration behind the title of the publication was his wish that the magazine would be picked up from train stations to enliven a commuter's day and be left behind for the next traveller.

In the first edition, one contributor, Esther, writes: "My lovely Future, my heart is pumping blood and I don't want to lose you - no matter what opening and closing of doors has been done by people who have run away."

Megan Green and Martina Michael, VU Professional Writing and Editing (TAFE) graduates designed the magazine, which will be published four times a year.

Contributions of up to 1500 words that focus on supporting and encouraging young people are welcome from the wider community.

Submissions to: [email protected]

Media Contact: Ann Marie Angebrandt, Media Officer,
Marketing and Communications Department, Victoria University; Ph: (03) 9919 5487

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