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2009 National Colloquium: on Sessional Staff in HE and VE

A National Colloquium will be held on the 27 November 2009 at Victoria University as a follow up to the National Colloquium sponsored by CADAD and the Carrick Institute and held in Canberra in November 2007.

The '2009 National Colloquium: Sessional Staff in Higher Education and Vocational Education - Towards Sustainable Practice' will provides the opportunity for all Australian universities and TAFE institutes to identify and share progress made nationally in the implementation of sustainable sessional staffing practices in Higher Education and Vocational Education.

Sustainability will be a theme of the Colloquium given the financial environment in which the tertiary education sector is operating.

The aims of the 2009 colloquium are to:

  • Share experiences and promote national good practice in the educational management of sessional staff;
  • Provide a forum for discussion and identification of sustainable models of practice in sessional staff employment;
  • Encourage collaboration between organisations addressing similar areas of sessional staff enhancements; and
  • Benchmark against national practices and progress in sessional staff, 'support, recognition and enhancement.'

Among the presenters are:

Chair: Professor Greg Baxter, PVC Teaching and Learning, Victoria University

Panel: Alisa Percy & Christian Ritz - University of Wollongong; Chi Baik - The University of Melbourne; Elizabeth Santhanam - Monash University; Simone Buswell - Swinburne University of Technology

Chair: Professor Elizabeth Harman, Vice-Chancellor, Victoria University

Panel: Julie Duck and Barbara Masser - University of Queensland; Virginia Saint-James - Victoria University; Eileen Thompson - University of Western Australia.

The conference is being attended by Higher Education and Vocational Education sector from across Australia

Where: Victoria University, City Flinders Campus, 300 Flinders Street Melbourne.

Time: 9am to 4.30pm

When: Friday 27 November 2009

Media Contact: Andy Gash, A/Media Manager, Marketing and Communications Department, Victoria University, Ph: (03) 9919 4950; mobile: 0411 255 900.

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