Exhibition: Recent acquisitions for the VU art collection

This event has already taken place.

Wednesday 8 April 2015 to Friday 24 April 2015

Last year Victoria University acquired three artworks from local artists to enhance the University’s art collection. To introduce these works, a public exhibition and artist talk will be at VU at MetroWest.

The works are ‘Speak to me’ by Jane Hall, ‘Pre-dinner drinks’ by Bronek Kozka and ‘Detached Landscape (after Buvelot)’ by Saffron Newey.

Opening night

Opening night is being held on 9 April from 4pm to 6pm. Entry is free and will include the artist's talk.

About the artists

Jane Hall

Jane Hall lived and studied in Japan for several years where the minimal aesthetics and belief that ‘less is more’ was firmly established in her work. She has been exhibiting her work since 1984 in Australia, Canada, Finland, Korea and Japan and has lived in and worked from her studio in Seddon for many years.

Her making of a monoprint is a simple, sudden process. Placing a mark or colour transparency on a page, she then responds to the shape with the next form or expression, creating depth or prints of juxtaposition.

Monoprinting is a rare form of offset printing where each work is unique, cannot be repeated and is produced on a lithographic press – as if painting with printing inks using the offset roller as brush.

Bronek Kozka

Memory and remembered moments are central themes of most of Kozka’s more recent work and continues in this exhibition.

Pictures made for this series come from a personal place through the re-staging of memories using outdoor and interior suburban landscapes. Using elaborate tableaux photographs, memory and remembered moments of growing up in suburbia are explored. Photographs are partly truth, partly myth and explore how memory can confuse and assure one’s construct of a story.

Filmic references are used to create a dark construct of the shared spaces we inhabit. In some images, characters are imbued with melancholic drama, loss, hopelessness, despair and a sense that they are operating on autopilot. In others, there is a sense of joy, fun and revelry. On one level, the photographs are a representation of a one-person-perspective of a remembered moment in time, but also ask the viewer to re-connect with their own memories and share in the commonalities – to use the image as a springboard into their own history.

The exhibition actively engages viewers by exposing them to a scene for a split second then challenges them to hold on to the memory. The vision, which inevitably disappears from their view and mind’s eye, is a metaphor for a lost memory and vanishes almost like a dream just after waking.

Saffron Newey

Saffron Newey’s work has, for some time, involved the interplay of photography and painting. Works are oil on canvas translated from photographs of Newey’s own environment, yet despite this, the images ultimately resonate somewhere between fact and fiction.

Like stills in a film, these paintings represent only fragments of a story. Images feature no figures but seem to imply their imminent presence or recent departure and are therefore richly evocative.

Newey has completed a degree with honours at RMIT University, and a Master of Fine Art at Monash University.

Exhibition opening hours

The exhibition runs from 8 April - 24 April:

  • Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm
  • Saturday, 9am - 2pm

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This event has already taken place.

The exhibition runs from 8 April - 24 April:

  • Monday to Friday, 8am - 6pm
  • Saturday, 9am - 2pm