This authentic assessment is from the Master of Education in a unit called 'Approaches to teaching and learning'.

The contributing Academic is Associate Professor Marcelle Cacciattolo.

Example lesson plan & micro-teach

Lesson plan:

  • Length/Duration: Fill template with 60 minutes’ worth of activities
  • Weighting: 30%
  • Due: Draft - Before Session 6 of 11, Final - Day of Session 7
  • AQF level: 8

Micro-teach demonstration:

  • Length/Duration: 10 minutes
  • Weighting: 5%
  • Due: In Session 6
  • AQF level: 8

The purpose of this assessment task is to demonstrate the three standards of effective teaching:

  1. Knowing your students and how they learn.
  2. Working with the curriculum.
  3. Providing inclusive and safe learning environments.

It aligns with the following learning outcomes:

  • LO1: Investigate educational teaching and learning practices that contribute to positive student behaviour and learning.
  • LO2: Articulate aspects of student development including their physical, social and intellectual needs.
  • LO3: Engage and communicate their knowledge, understanding, and application of effective lesson plans and learning sequences.

Prepare a lesson plan for a 60-minute lesson, then deliver a 10-minute segment of this lesson (micro-teaching) to a group of peers. Peers will provide feedback on the micro-teaching.

This assessment consists of the following 4 components:

1. Lesson plan

Craft a lesson plan for a 60-minute lesson using the lesson plan template on your specialisation (EMES) or key learning area (EMPE).

Your lesson plan must:

  • Address at least 2 learning outcomes provided by the Victorian Curriculum
  • Include learning goals that provide challenges for all students
  • Have detailed descriptions of the learning activities and include timing of the tasks
  • Include consideration of how you will provide a positive, inclusive and safe learning environment
  • Include consideration of feedback and/or assessment for the lesson
  • Cite academic sources used to complete this task using Harvard style in a reference list
  • Incorporate peer feedback after presenting it to your group

2. Micro-teaching demonstration

In Session 6, you must give a 10-minute presentation of the lesson plan to a group of 4 or 5.

The presentation must:

  • Clearly explain the learning goals and strategies employed
  • Indicate where you should engage your learners (refer to the 5Es)
  • Demonstrate a range of verbal and non-verbal communication strategies
  • Include approaches that ensure equal access for all learners

3. Peer reviews

Provide feedback to each of the other members of your micro-teaching demonstration group in FeedbackFruits.

Use the rubric to grade your peers and provide constructive feedback about:

  • What worked well in the demonstration
  • What was unclear or missed
  • What 2 or 3 things your peer could do differently to improve their presentation/teaching

4. Reflection

Once you have received feedback from your peers, include this in your reflection on your teaching demonstration (there is a section at the end of the lesson plan for this).

  1. Carefully read the assessment requirements, criteria and rubric for this task.
  2. Craft a 60-minute lesson plan using the lesson plan template, leaving the Reflection section empty for now.
  3. Submit your lesson plan to FeedbackFruits before Session 6.
  4. In Session 6, present your lesson plan to your peer group.
  5. Also in Session 6, provide feedback to your peers in FeedbackFruits.
  6. Incorporate the feedback you received into the Reflection section of the lesson plan.
  7. Submit the final lesson plan to the dropbox on the day of Session 7.

Criterion 1: Planning of lesson

Criterion 2: Learning activities, including inquiry-based learning and metacognition

Criterion 3: Use of Victorian Curriculum

Criterion 4: Provision of a safe learning environment

Criterion 5: Assessment and feedback