Assessment in Block Mode is approached from the standpoint of assessment as learning – often achieved through assessments that are more authentic. These are tasks that are more realistic and more aligned with what the student will be doing as novice professionals after graduation. These assessments generally:

  • Mimic professional practice: Draw on theoretical knowledge and locate it in the workplace, enabling the demonstration of professional knowledge, skills and experience.
  • Promote breadth and depth in learning: Are usually multi-layered, requiring application of theoretical knowledge and collaborative exploration of complexities in relation to new situations.
  • Increase the likelihood of students submitting their own work: Minimise inappropriate sharing as authentic tasks may have several acceptable solutions and multiple ways of expressing it.
  • Maintain momentum in learning interest: Increase the likelihood of students engaging with the task through greater relevance and authenticity of the task.

The following authentic assessments have been purposefully designed by VU academics to foster the novice professional requirements of their specific student cohorts.

Authentic assessment examples