At VU, we recognise that we operate and thrive in connected learning ecosystem, which:

“promotes connections: between people, between sites of learning and action, between ideas, resources and solutions, across time, space and media.”

– Goodyear, P. 2020, Convivial technologies and networked learning

It is enabled through respect, inclusivity and trusting relationships, motivated by our values: always Welcoming, Ethical, Shaping the future, Together (WEST).

The 6Ps Connected Ecosystem embodies this philosophy.

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The 6 Ps (Accessible text alternative version)

Processes within learning and teaching reflect and support the VU Way:

  • Cross disciplinary team-based design of student-centred learning
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of our teaching through real time learning analytics at the institutional and unit level
  • Research and scrutiny of our pedagogical practice
  • Ongoing professional learning in fundamental, frontier and discipline specific areas.

Learning and Teaching at VU is inclusive and accessible for all staff and students and aligned with the principles of the VU Way. Both learning for students and professional learning for staff is:

  • anytime, anywhere, anymode
  • just in time, just for me
  • packaged and portable
  • targeted and contextually relevant
  • leverages current experience and expertise
  • evidence based and reflective
  • collaborative and community based.

Our learning and teaching staff encompass a diverse and talented group of academic, professional, student and industry practitioners who work in our Australian, overseas and online campuses.

We support staff to transition into teaching from research or industry and to develop throughout their teaching career, celebrating success along the way. We promote a culture of collaboration and a pedagogy of care, dedicated to staff wellbeing. Our course and learning design is human centred and team based.

We have a people first approach to selecting and adopting technology for learning. Our technology eco-system includes a range of tools selected to be effective and intuitive solutions to known teaching challenges. The ecosystem enhances learning that is active, collaborative and industry focused, recognising that learning is a social endeavor.

Platforms and tools include:

  • VU Collaborate (Brightspace Learning Management System)
  • H5P interactive learning content
  • Zoom virtual classrooms
  • Panopto video creation
  • Urkund plagiarism detection
  • Padlet interactive learning
  • Office 365 collaborative learning
  • Yammer social media.

We strive to create a community of learners and scholars through a range of innovative and future focused programs. Programs that are both formal and informal, open and collaborative across disciplines and departments.

  • Final Friday Forums (College meetings on the final Friday of each Block)
  • Higher Education Research Group
  • Professional learning events and services
  • Learning and Teaching Awards
  • Graduate Certificate of Tertiary Education
  • Learning and Teaching Induction
  • SoTL resources and conferences
  • Open education resources.

Learning and teaching policies communicate to staff and students the expected behaviours and standards that align with our mission as a University of opportunity and success, for anyone from any background. They evolve to reflect and enable the bold and innovative approaches of the VU Way in achieving that mission.