Learning and teaching at VU is supported by a network of college academics, students, learning designers, librarians, & learning hub staff with a diverse range of teaching, research, multimedia, learning-design and curriculum-development expertise.

Our focus is on the multiple connections that exist between learning, teaching, scholarship, disciplines, work and innovation. We work to understand the possibilities for leveraging these connections to improve our students' experience.

We provide leadership, innovation and support to university staff, in the following areas:

  • curriculum design
  • technology-enhanced learning
  • policy issues related to learning and teaching.

We work on the assumption that everything is interconnected: people, systems and processes. By activating those connections, we enhance the student learning experience.

Who we are

Our staff work in two teams:

  • Learning Design and Innovation
  • Academic Quality and Standards

Our teams are in the portfolio of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Higher Education (requires login). We support the continuous improvement of learning and teaching quality, and a robust approach to course conception and life-cycle management.

How we work

Learning and teaching staff work collaboratively with the colleges to support:

  • innovation, creativity and collaboration in learning and teaching approaches
  • increased access to information on student learning
  • engagement through learning analytics
  • flexibility in physical and virtual learning environments.

VU Quality & Standards Framework

VU Quality & Standards Framework diagram. Text description provided under the 'Text description of the 'VU Learning & Teaching Quality & Standards Framework' diagram' heading.


The VU Quality and Standards Framework is a guiding tool for assuring quality and standards in learning and teaching. The Framework is a component of the Learning and Teaching Quality and Standards Policy.

The Framework depicted above provides a picture of the environment in which the design, delivery and ongoing tracking and improvement of VU student learning, support and outcomes can occur as part of an overall system. It shows a system that operates at multiple levels and outlines what is to be given priority.

The Framework provides an indication of minimum levels and standards of quality learning and teaching activity. It is made up of the following interdependent components:

  • course design standards
  • support (student and teacher) standards
  • course delivery standards
  • evidence of impact of standards on quality and outcomes.

The figure here is a 'simplified' version of full diagram which can be found in the VU Quality and Standards Framework.

Text description of the diagram

The VU Learning and Teaching Quality & Standards Framework diagram contains three overlapping circles representing Course Design, Support and Course Delivery Standards components.

  • Course design standards are described as coherent, aligned, consistent, current and active.
  • Course delivery standards are described as flexible, engaging, effective, collaborative and responsive.
  • Support standards are described as timely, efficient, effective, accessible and reliable.

At the intersection of these three circles is an 'Impact' label, indicating the result of these three components working together: outcomes, experience, engagement, progression, retention.