Peer observation of teaching is designed to support the development of teaching practice through collegial engagement for VU academic sessional, contract and permanent staff.

It allows an opportunity to share ideas and draw on the expertise of others, as well as discuss common challenges facing teachers. It is an observation for learning and reflection not review or evaluation.

In Block Mode, classes are small, hands on and active. Most are three hours long, and there are no lectures or tutorials. This is often a very different teaching environment from traditional semester mode and other universities. We therefore encourage all staff, especially those new to VU, to participate in peer observation as part of the continuous learning experience that is teaching practice.

How does it work?

You will be paired with an experienced teaching academic who may or may not be from your discipline. It can be of great benefit and value to observe someone outside of your field of expertise, you will get fresh ideas and see things through a different lens.

Observers do not usually take an active part in the class. Students will be advised of the reason for the observer being in the room at the outset. This would be discussed and agreed upon prior to the class beginning.

If you would like to take part as an observer, contact [email protected] to discuss arrangements.

Advanced Standing

Peer observation is one assessment task in the unit AET6001 Teaching for Learning in Tertiary Education: Foundations and Beyond - a core unit of the Graduate Certificate of Tertiary Education (GCTE). A structured peer observation could contribute to this assessment, contact [email protected] to learn more.

The GCTE is a theory-informed and practice-oriented course designed for teachers in higher, further and vocational education. It is fully subsidised for VU staff.

“Peer observation was the best part of my Graduate Certificate,” says Bert Oraison, First Year College.

Contact us

For more information and to arrange a peer observation of teaching, please email [email protected].