The Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education (GCTE) is offered in 4-week Block Mode.

The course focuses on scholarly and practical evidence-based approaches to tertiary education. The GCTE takes an inquiry-based approach to learning and develops skills and knowledge in the context of the participants’ current teaching practice.

With the transition to block mode study, every unit has been redesigned and given a new title and code to reflect this.

The table on this page shows equivalent units.  You will complete your course having studied units either from the 2013-2020 column or the 2021 onward column.

Table of equivalence to meet graduation requirements

2013-2020 units 2021 onwards
AET4001 - Foundations of Learning and Teaching in Tertiary Education AET6001 - Teaching for Learning in Tertiary Education: Foundations and Beyond
AET4002 - Curriculum Design and Student Assessment AET6002 - Curriculum Design and Assessment for Learning
AET4003 - Improving Practice AET6003 - Evidence Based Effectiveness of Educational Innovation
AET4010 - Blended Learning Design and Development AET6004 - Design and Development across Learning Environments


Subsidies for VU staff

VU teaching staff are subsidised by the University.

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For further details about the course contact:

Kaye Cleary

Course convenor
Email: [email protected]  
Phone: +61 3 9919 4550

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The course was so relatable and linked to my day-to-day work in the classroom. I loved that I could use the resources in practical ways in my teaching right from the start.

Kara Dadswell, College of Health and Biomedicine

Kara's story

About the Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Education

Course delivery plan for 2022

To find out which units are offered when in 2022, see the 2022 course delivery plan.

Sponsored for VU staff

To be eligible for sponsorship, you must be currently engaged in teaching activities at VU.

Sponsorship is designed for VU staff who are ongoing, sessional or contract. Staff may be continuing or new to teaching in the tertiary education sector.

Candidates and past graduates have reported positive career outcomes, including:

  • increased promotion opportunities
  • becoming a member of a community of practitioners who appreciate/recognise teaching and learning issues and challenges related to VU and beyond
  • publication in academic journals
  • knowledge of educational theories, teaching and learning practice and improvement of curriculum design
  • winning teaching awards and grants for educational research and development.

Completion of the GCTE during your probation

If you are recently appointed to VU as teaching staff with an ongoing or minimum of three year contract you may be required to complete this course as part of your probation.

Applying for exemption from the GCTE

If you have completed a similar course, please discuss exemption from the GCTE with the course chair. The course chair will require your transcript and the course/subject learning outcomes to assess equivalence, and a teaching portfolio demonstrating consistently positive student feedback. A memo of equivalence to the GCTE will be provided to the successful applicant. This memo is a VU internal document for probation requirements.

The qualification has provided me with a professional understanding of teaching principles and how they impact on the important transition between the classroom and the real world.

Carlo Soliman, VU Sydney
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