The focus of the induction program is on the needs of sessional teaching staff new to VU.

The program comprises:

  • a one-and-a-half hour face-to-face session titled Teaching for Learning @ VU
  • a one-and-a-half hour online module. 

The face-to-face sessions are offered in Orientation week and week 2 of each block.

The sessions allows participants to establish connections, learn about students and student learning at VU, and engage with some practical strategies and tips that can enhance learning and teaching.

Induction workshop

To register for the Teaching for Learning @ VU, contact your College Administration Office or send an email to Learning and Teaching Professional Development at VU [email protected].

Online Module

All Academic Sessional staff must complete the one and a half hour online Sessional Academic Induction

Post-induction professional learning activities

There are many university wide professional learning (PL) sessions offered across the range of campuses.

If you are a sessional staff member, check with your unit convenor to see if you are paid to attend any of these sessions.

You are welcome to attend the range of professional learning sessions and training workshops scheduled across the university.

Register for a PL session via VU Develop or a VU Collaborate training workshop.