The Comprehensive Course Review (CCR) process occurs every five years and takes into account a range of internal and external inputs. CCR operates as three broad stages:

  • initiation and planning
  • self-review
  • validation.

The initiation and planning stage involves communication of the CCR process (including timelines, resources and support) to enable Course Teams to gather and review qualitative and quantitative data.

The self-review report is evidence based and is developed by the Course Team with the aim of exploring the historical, current and likely future conditions of course delivery, as well as planning for ongoing development.

The report is a College-led analysis of course strengths, weaknesses and future directions, with triangulation wherever possible of data from multiple internal and external reference points. The validation stage involves review of the report by the College Dean, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and Students), and external panel. The CCR process is supported by the Academic Quality and Standards (AQS) team.

The VU comprehensive course review process:

  • applies to all Higher Education award and non-award courses offered by or on behalf of Victoria University in all locations
  • takes place approximately every 5 years
  • takes place as above unless an extension is approved by the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and Students)
  • takes into account course quality as experienced by all significant cohorts of students undertaking the course concerned
  • produces a Self-review report, including recommendations, which proceeds to the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and Students) for approval
  • triggers the commencement of a re-accreditation process, scheduled to be completed within the following 12 months.

The Courses Lifecycle Policy, specifically the Comprehensive Review of Courses Procedure, provides the policy basis to the CCR process. This process is supported by the: