Victoria University offers five types of Non-award (NA) courses:

  • Single unit enrolment in an Award course
  • Enabling course
  • Bridging course
  • Non-award course (assessed)
  • Non-award course (not assessed).

The Non-award course type is based on:

  • the proposed funding source
  • the proposed student cohort, i.e. domestic, international on/off shore
  • whether the course will be assessed and credit bearing.

Quality assurance

Quality assurance issues which need to be addressed for Non-award (HE) courses include:

  • the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) requirement that there is a clear distinction between Award and Non-award courses
  • the development of a set of coding and naming protocols which enable the University to complete all government reporting and quality assurance obligations as required by Federal and State governments and regulators
  • the official enrolment of students in the university
  • compliance with the Course Approval (Non-Award Courses) Procedure, i.e approvals, monitoring, review and re-approval
  • development of the course, and its unit/s, in CAMS and approval by Courses Committee.

Approvals process

  1. In Development - coordinator develops course detail
  2. College - recommends and refers to Dean
  3. Dean - endorses
  4. VC or Delegate - approves; Courses Committee - endorses or notes
  5. CMQS - finalises & publishes

Flow chart showing the steps for creating a new non-award course. The steps are also outlined on this page.