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VU student visit to the Immigration Museum, Melbourne

The Learning and Teaching in Public Spaces approach has its origins in the Diploma of Liberal Arts—a (TAFE) tertiary preparatory program for students wanting to undertake an arts and/or social science degree. 

Originally conceived as an educational intervention into student experience of museums in the subject Stories of the Diaspora it has seen the successive production of series of DVD’s that captures the stories of immigration to Melbourne under the theme Narratives Across Culture. 

This educational intervention involves Liberal Arts students working alongside multi-media students to produce these DVD’s. 

This project has been running in partnership with the Immigration Museum, Melbourne since 2008. The work undertaken in this subject embeds students in the Immigration Museum, Melbourne.

Analyse Stories/Narratives within Cultures: The Immigration Project

Preparing for exhibition launch at the Immigration Museum, Melbourne

This unit examines the role stories play in our everyday lives and the forms in which stories appear.

Personal stories have a relationship to the broader culture and it is the exploration of this relationship that will be one of the aims of this subject.

The term diaspora can be understood to mean persons who are displaced as a result of religious, cultural, political, and socio-economic reasons.

Groups that are commonly understood to fall under the definition of the Diaspora are Irish immigrants, Jews, Indians, Chinese and the current refugees seeking asylum in Australia.

Representations of groups who have been displaced can be found in a variety of forms. In this unit stories of the Diaspora as well as stories of arrival represented in short stories, fiction films, documentaries and museums will be discussed.

Additionally students will explore the effect created by the forms these stories take by asking a general question: What, if any, are the limitations on the representation of experience in writing, films and sites such as museums?

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The stories produced in this subject can be viewed on the Museum Victoria website.