Learning & teaching in public spaces

Queensland University of Technology (QUT) approach

Students installing an exhibition at the State Library of Queensland

Global Teacher, a third year Bachelor of Education elective, attracts a dynamic range of students who investigate global issues as they pertain to education.

Students engage in the following themes: identity and cultural representation in museums and libraries; racism and anti-racism strategies in education; poverty and anti-poverty strategies in education; tackling violence in education; education for environmental and community health and changing schools for a changing world.

The Learning and Teaching in Public Spaces approach is now embedded into this unit of study, through an on-going collaboration between Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and the State Library of Queensland.

This partnership encourages these education students to develop professional relations with the State Library, accessing State Library resources and expertise to extend their pedagogy.

The collaboration culminates in the students displaying their Global Teacher themes in a visual exhibition at the State Library of Queensland, or via digital narratives on the State Library blog site.

The global teacher

QUT exhibition at the State Library of Queensland

This unit helps prepare students to live and work inter-culturally, studying issues of diversity and sustainability in a local and global framework.

View the unit guide and the project brochure. View QUT's Global Teacher online resource. For more information about this work at QUT contact e.hepple@qut.edu.au and a.hudson@qut.edu.au