Charles Sturt approach

CSU exhibition at Ben Chifley Home

The adaptation of Learning and Teaching in Public Spaces approach occurred in Curriculum Method 1 and 2: Secondary Visual Arts education.

The aim of these two sequenced subjects is initially to develop students’ knowledge and skills in the area of secondary Visual Arts education and to then deepen this knowledge and skill, extending it beyond the context of schools and classrooms to consider education in its broader context.

In this sequence of study, students engage with the Chifley Home and Education Centre as an example of a public space. Via distance education the students undertake a variety of activities that involve them in personal and educational experiences and interpretations of the site.

They then develop a physical and virtual exhibition that begins with an object related to site and its themes, extending from the object to research and express narratives about time, place and identity.

At the same time students engage in co-teaching and curriculum development in ways that are authentic to secondary visual arts teaching.

They draw on, and engage with, community while also addressing cross curriculum perspectives.

The development of an exhibition provides students with the experience of mounting a physical exhibition in a museum context, while also providing the capacity to develop online exhibitions.

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Places of learning and sites of knowledge

CSU exhibition at Ben Chifley Home

Through this module we will examine museums as places of learning that exist within communities.

Our focus will particularly be on places that exhibit art and therefore provide opportunities to engage with the visual arts.

However, it also needs to be acknowledged that places of learning can more broadly encompass all kinds of museums, memorials, significant cultural sites, architecture, cultural events and so on.

We will also consider places that we can physically visit as well as places that can only be visited virtually through an on-line world.

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