Associates & postdoctoral research fellows

Victoria University has consolidated its research activity.

From 2018 research of the Institute of Sport, Exercise and Active Living is located within the Institute for Sport, Health & Active Living.

This page provides an overview of our associates and postdoctoral research fellows. These people undertake research and engagement activities in the areas of Sport, Exercise Science and Active Living.

Associates are staff who support the Institute's direction and goals either through research or community, government and industry engagement.

ISEAL senior research team

Associate Professor Camilla Brockett Elite sport management and policy
Associate Professor Rochelle Eime Health through sport and physical activity
Dr Zeljko Pedisic Active living and public health
Associate Professor Sam Robertson Sports performance analytics

ISEAL postdoctoral research officers & fellows

Dr Tim Buszard Skill acquisition
Dr James Broatch Sport science
Dr Nader Chmait Sport business intelligence
Dr Alessandra Ferri Exercise, muscle metabolism and pathophysiology
Dr Amanda Genders Exercise and metabolism
Dr Stephanie Kovalchik Sports data science
Dr Cedric Lamboley Muscle fatigue
Dr Paul Larkin Skill acquisition
Dr Michael Linley Sport management
Dr Evelyn Marin Exercise physiology, metabolism and nutrition
Dr Karen Mickle Lower limb biomechanics
Dr Alba Moreno Molecular biology
Dr Kurt Mudie Biomechanics
Dr Hanatsu Nagano Clinical biomechanics and ergonomics
Dr Michaela Pascoe Stress, mental health and inflammation
Alice Sweeting Analytics and technology in sport science
Sarah Voisin Sport Science and bioinformatician
Glen Wiesner Active living and public health

ISEAL Emeritus fellows

Professor Terry Roberts Former Head of School
Professor Terence Seedsman Former Head of School
Professor John Carlson Former Director of CARES
Professor Tony Morris CSES/ ISEAL Professor in Sport Psychology

ISEAL adjunct fellows

Dr Lauren Banting Active Living & Public Health
Dr Jon Bartlett Sport Science
Dr Raul Bescos Metabolic Exercise
Dr Francios Baillaut Sport Science
Dr Dan Billing Gait, Balance & Falls
Dr Erika Borkoles Sport Science
Assoc. Professor Martin Buccheit Sport Management
Veerle De Bosscher Active Living & Public Health
Professor Alison Doherty Sport Management
Dr Angela Dresser Career and Professional Development
Dr Grant Duthie Sport Science
Professor Peter Fricker Sport Management
Dr Paul Glazier Sports biomechanics, motor control and skill acquisition
Dr Cesare Granata Sports Science
Shona Halson Sports Science
Dr Erik Hanson Metabolic Exercise
Associate Professor Paul Holmes Sport Psychology and Motor Learning
Professor Alfonso Jiminez Active Living & Public Health
Dr Liam Johnson Clinical Exercise Science
Dr Juliene Lepine Biomechanics
Dr Fiona Ling Active Living & Public Health
Associate Professor Chris Neil Clinical Exercise Living
Professor Kathryn North Genes & Performance
Dr Simon Outram Sport Sociology
Professor Remco Polman Sport Psychology
Associate Professor Machar Reid Sport Science
Dr David Rouffet Exercise Physiology & Sport Science
Dr James Rudd Sport Science and Sport Management
Dr Chris Shaw Exercise Metabolic
Dr Bob Smith Exercise Physiology
Professor Caroline Symons Sport for Inclusive Communities
Dr Oren Tirosh Genes & Performance
Dr Elaine Tor Sport Science
Dr Lorena Torres Sport Analytics
Dr John Tower Sport & Recreation
Dr Jannique van Uffelen Active Living & Public Health
Dr Matthew Varley Sport Science
Dr Ineke Vergeer Active Living & Public Health
Dr Mary Zhang Metabolic Exercise

ISEAL research associates

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College of Business

College of Education

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College of Law & Justice

College of Sport & Exercise Science

Office of the PVC, Research & Research Training

ISEAL community, government & industry engagement associates

College of Sport & Exercise Science:

VU Sport & Fitness:

  • Jessica Harrington
  • Jessica Meilak
  • Rohenna Young

College of Business: