Asset management

There is an increasing need to understand the deterioration process of stormwater pipes. This allows proactive action to be taken to avoid pipes becoming unserviceable.

Deterioration models can assist by mimicking the deterioration in performance of stormwater pipes with time.

Our role

We can assist you with the following:

Asset management

  • develop deterioration models for stormwater pipe systems using innovative and noise-insensitive artificial intelligence techniques (neural network and probabilistic neural network) in comparison with stochastic models using Markov chain and Ordered probit technique (or Discriminant analysis).
  • outcomes of the models will assist asset managers in predicting the service life of stormwater pipes as well as establishment of proactive maintenance activities.
  • allow asset managers to spend their limited resources on improvement of working conditions associated with these factors for extending service life of stormwater pipes.
  • apply sensor technology such as fibre-optic and corrosion sensors to on-line and continuous monitoring of structural and hydraulic condition of pipeline assets. The collected data can also be used to enhance understanding of deterioration mechanisms as well as to verify developed deterioration models.

Recent and current projects

This area of activity includes the following work:

  • Decision Support System for Management of Urban Stormwater Drainage Network.

Contact: Professor Chris Perera, [email protected]. Phone: + 61 3 9919 4729.

  • Scenario analysis of source management practices to analyse its Impact on sewereage networks.CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country PhD scholarship
  • Statistical analysis to detect climate change implications on water resources.
  • Development of a forecasting scheme for reservior inflows

Contact:  Nitin Muttil, [email protected].  Phone: +61 3 9919 4251

Selected papers/publications