ISI research associates

Victoria University has consolidated its research activity. From 2018 research of the Institute for Sustainability & Innovation (ISI) is located within the Institute for Sustainable Industries & Liveable Cities.

Our research associates provide vital research and support to ISI.

Name Dept/College Research interests
Dr Sachindra Dhanapala Arachchige Engineering and Science Climate change and Hydrology
Professor Stephen Bigger First Year College Packaging/Plastic degration
Dr Domenico Caridi Engineering and Science Innovative Foods
Dr Efrat Eilam Arts and Education Sustainability education
Dr Martin Fluker Business Tourism
Professor Sam Fragomeni Engineering and Science Concrete
Sarah Fraser Engineering and Science Water
Professor Anne-Marie Hede Graduate Research Centre Consumer behaviour
Dr Kanchana Jayasuriya Academic Support & Development Food/Water chemistry
Dr Joshua Johnson Engineering and Science Plant Biology
Professor Roger Jones Business Climate change
Professor Akhtar Kalam Engineering and Science Alternative Energy
Associate Professor Wally Karnilowicz Health and Biomedicine Cross-cultural and cultural psychology
Dr Siewfang Law Arts and Education Social and behavioural aspects of water
Professor Jun-De Li Engineering and Science Desalination, Renewable energy
Professor David McCallum Arts and Education History of human sciences, sociology of law
Professor Terence McCann Health and Biomedicine Mental health
Dr Vijay Mishra Health and Biomedicine Functional foods and nutraeuticals
Dr Shobha Muthukumaran Engineering and Science Membrane technology
Dr Nitin Muttil Engineering and Science Urban Rainfall-runoff modelling
Dr Dimuth Navaratna Engineering and Science Membrane technology
Dr Anne Ng Engineering and Science River water quality modelling
Dr Lawerence Ngeh Engineering and Science Water management
Dr Daniel Ooi Health and Biomedicine Social and behavioural aspects of water
Professor John Orbell Engineering and Science Water management
Dr Megan O'Shea Engineering and Science Conservation and restoration of temperate grasslands
Dr Cagil Ozansoy Engineering and Science Renewable energy systems
Dr Gitesh Raikundalia Engineering and Science Health Informatics
Jeannie Rea Communication, Culture & Creative Arts Communication, social action
Dr Gina Reyes P&C Program Management Climate change
Dr Randall Robinson Engineering and Science Sustainability and enviironment
Professor Vincent Rouillard Engineering and Science Stochastic processes
Associate Professor Nick Sciulli Business Climate change
Associate Professor Juan Shi Engineering and Science Intelligent Control
Dr Xiao Su Health and Biomedicine Health and Nutrition
Professor Michelle Towstoless Health and Biomedicine  
Dr Md Nazim Uddin Engineering and Science Ecology
Professor Todor Vasiljevic Health and Biomedicine Membrane technologies in dairy processing
Dr Thomas Yeager Engineering and Science Membrane fouling
Professor Yanchun Zhang Engineering and Science Informatics