Victoria University has consolidated its research activity. From 2018 research of the Institute for Sustainability & Innovation (ISI) is located within the Institute for Sustainable Industries & Liveable Cities.

ISI selects students from overseas to work on water related research projects as part of our Occupational Trainee (OT) program. Every year ISI will have a maximum of 6 interns.

ISI may work collaboratively with other units in Victoria University (VU) on the OT program.

Eligibility is assessed on high quality students whose current studies fall within ISI's research agenda.

The OT's can provide valuable links with their host organisations leading to research collaborations with VU.

The recruitment process is as follows:

  • expression of interest will be received by potential OT's through advertisement at our website
  • we will select appropriate candidates
  • tentative Occupational Trainee Program objectives will be developed to meet both parties' needs
  • a supervisor will be allocated to the tentative OT
  • for international candidates, we will provide nomination for the OT through the Department of Home Affairs
  • the tentative international OT will apply for a Training and Research - Occupational Trainee visa (Subclass 402)
  • OT's will be offered accommodation at the University's Student Village. We will provide reasonable assistance to OT's to help them quickly adjust to their new environment
  • OT's will be provided induction into ISI/VU systems and made familiar with their rights and responsibilities
  • we will closely supervise OT's and monitor their performance
  • we will report to the Department of Home Affairs if the international OT leaves the program before completion
  • upon completion of the program, the successful candidates will be provided with a certificate of completion

Contact: Please email [email protected] for queries.


  • The OT program must be a mandatory component of the students' current course of study and a Letter of Support must be provided by the home University in order to be considered.
  • Programs may offer assistance towards living expenses but this is subject to availability of funding
  • The aim of the training program is to:
    a) enhance the trainee's current skill level;
    b) provide hands-on research experience in a supervised workplace
  • The program does not adversely impact upon occupational opportunities for Australian citizens and permanent residents.