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Quaran’tunes was filmed on the traditional lands of the Boonwurrung and Woiwurrung people of the Kulin, and we pay respects to their Ancestors and Elders, past, present and emerging.


Live from Hutterer Hall, this is Quaran’tunes, the Kindred Sessions. And now, the amazing transcendant voice of Maddie Jackway.

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Maddie Jackway

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The safety of students and staff is paramount at Victoria University. Quaran’tunes was filmed safely, with all involved adhering to strict physical distancing requirements.

Maddie Jackway

performs the song Crusing by Huey Lewis

Maddie Speaking

Thanks. Thank you very much. My name is Maddie Jackway and I am a singer songwriter based here in the Western Suburbs.

So I would love to play some music for you today!

Some originals, a couple of covers in there, but mostly originals.

So, the next two songs I am going to play for you are actually, I wrote them separately, but it turns out that they are really a part one and then a part two.

So, I wrote these two (songs) a couple of years ago. The first one is called Silence, and then wea re going to segway into You Make Me Look Over My Shoulder. I hope you enjoy.

Maddie Jackway

[performs her original song Silence]

[performs her original song Make Me Look Over My Shoulder]

Thank you. So about two weeks ago I released my first EP. My debut EP. It is called What is this Freedom? And the way I have been explaining this EP to people when they ask what it is about, is that it is a sonic exploration of the relationship between colour and emotion. And as a person and as an artist, sometimes I find it easier to simplify the complexity of human emotion by allocating it a colour. So each of the songs in the EP, there are four tracks, they are all named after a colour. And this song I am going to play for you explores the emotion of or the desire to escape reality. In this case through the use of recreational drugs. Not that I support that. So this one is called Green.

[Maddie performs her original song Green]


Thank you, so that is Green. That is off the EP. This next one is not on the EP, but I really had to play it because I feel that where we are at in the world right now, it just seems applicable.

I actually wrote it before COVID happened, but it is applicable because I wrote it about, I wrote it to myself as a letter to myself and my mental health, to remind myself not to let the way I am feeling up here control what I do out here. And to also use whatever coping mechanism that I need to, and I think that that applies to all of us right now. Whatever we have to do to get through being along, if you are living alone, or getting along with family who are getting on your nerves or being out of work. You need to cope however you can. But also remember that this will end, and to keep going. This one is called Merry Go Round.

[Maddie performs her song Merry Go Round]

So this next one, I couldn’t do this set without playing this song. It is a classic love song. I think it is probably one of the main reasons why I wanted to become a songwriter in the first place, so I owe it to it.

[Maddie performs the song Make You Feel My Love]

Isn’t that a beautiful song? Beautiful song. Have we got time for one more? Yeah? Beautiful. This will be my last one. I’ve been Maddie Jackway. As this is my last one it seems fitting that I also do the last song off of the EP, What is this Freedom, which is streaming everywhere. So if you like what you here, go and check it out. This one is called Purple, and I wrote it about my hometown and my adopted home. I am lucky enough to have two homes. And the feelings of going back and forth between them and the feelings I have in doing that. So yeah, this is Purple.

[Maddie performs her original song Purple]

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