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VU Music Artist in Residence Program

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Meet Sherry Rich

VU Music’s Artist in Residence

‘Standing in the Rain Music performance playing

There’s no tomorrow

No yesterday

Sherry Rich

My name is Sherry Rich and I am a Victoria University graduate.

I’m also the very first Artist in Residence for the VU Music Programs.

Here on campus at Kindred Studios, I’ve been writing and recording a new album with the assistance of staff and students from VU Music.

Well, the album is called The Divine Crimson V and the cover art is a collage that I made when I was studying here at VU in the visual art department.

Basically, it’s a memoir of my life over the past ten years.

I’ve worked as a singer-songwriter in the US and now I’m back here in Melbourne and based at Kindred Studios.

My lyric sketchbook is a really important part of the creative process for me.

Every time I record anything I have this big visual art book with lyrics and ideas and sketches and drwaings in it that all help to finish the project.

And it is always here in the studio with me and used as a tool to communicate ideas to the engineer and the musicians.

I am presenting the culmination of my work here as Artist in Residence at a live music event and combined with an art exhibition here at Kindred and also at VU Metro West.  

‘Jessie’ music performance playing

‘I try to be strong

Jessie Jessie Jessie

Won’t you come on home’


The songs that you will see today, the first one is called Jessie. 

Which actually started off as an idea that I came up with when I was in Nashville, and it was actually called ‘It Ain’t Right for a Girl to be Left Alone so long’. (laughs)


That was the original title and I just sort of left it and then, you know, like five years later, I thought I’m going to rework that song, because it’s a really great Country Rock song and I really love Country Rock.

‘Standing In The Rain’ music performance playing

‘I just feel like standing in the rain

Turn up my face up to the cold and grey’


The other song, ‘Standing in the Rain’, so I wrote that during the first lockdown in 2020 when I was feeling quite despondent about the way things were in the world and, you know, I had just worried about climate change and pretty depressed. And I went for a walk down near my house in Newport, down to the bay, and it was raining and really grey. And I just thought, I just want to stand here in the rain and wash away these feelings.

Well, I’m really pleased with the work that I’ve created during my time as Artist in Residence here, and I’d like to thank the College of Arts and Education, and the VU Music team, the staff and students, for their support and encouragement during this time.

So thank you.