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Hi everyone, my name is Ross and I am a part of the student financials team.

I'm here to give you a brief breakdown of the fees you can expect to come across throughout your student journey.

Your fees are broken down into two separate categories; your tuition fees and your student services and amenity fees which you will often hear referred to as SSAF.

How do you calculate the cost of your studies?  As can be seen on the left, different study areas are grouped into bands by the government.

These bands set the maximum amount you can be charged for your units on a full-time study load.

At Victoria University, a full-time study load is 96 credit points with your units normally being 12 credit points.

This results in you being charged one eighth of your maximum contribution amount with each unit you undertake.

An example of how your fees are over a semester for a nursing student can be seen below.

They would be charged one eighth of $3950 per unit studied multiplied by four totalling $1975 dollars for the semester.

The other phase you will come across is your student services and amenity fees.

These fees cover all the other non-academic services that the university offers that aren't directly related to your studies.  

These include the various clubs and societies, supporting services like counselling, all the fun social events that are run as well as improving the communal spaces that students share.

Your SSAF fees is subjected to change on any given year. However, in 2021 SSAF is $156.50 for a full-time study load or $78.25 for part-time studies per semester capped at $313.00 dollars. 

You may be thinking to yourself what options do I have with my fees?

There are three options you can choose from:

They are paid by each relevant fee centre state. Opt-in to defer the entirety of your fees through HECS help and lastly opt-in for HECS help at which point you will have the option to pay as much as you wish upfront with any outstanding amount being deferred automatically once a census date passes.

What if I don't pay or defer my fees by the relevant census date?

Failure to pay or defer your tuition fees will lead to your enrolment for that particular unit being cancelled at which point you'll need to re-enrol into the unit at a later time or pay the full free rate to continue studying it.

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