We've been teaching the same way for hundreds of years now but the world around us has changed and along with it, employer and industry needs. So at VU, we changed the way you learn with our Australian first VU Block Model.

Traditionally, you juggle the demands and deadlines of four units at once.

Instead, the VU Block Model has you focus on one unit at a time.

Each semester will be broken into four blocks which run for four weeks.

You focus on one unit in each block completing all your assessments before moving on to the next.

So instead of this

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Traditional university, with a diagram showing 4 units running at the same time each semester.


the VU Block Model looks like this

Diagram with text on screen

The diagram shows VU Block model with 1 unit following the other each semester.


VU Block Model gives you greater focus by studying just one unit at a time in smaller more collaborative classes and provides flexible study options to suit your lifestyle.

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Improved student success 


With the introduction of Block Model, students success is soaring.

More students are passing first year and second year too

and over 40% of students are now enjoying grades at or above distinction levels.

VU students more engaged and satisfied with their uni experience.

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Pass rate 13% up arrow first year

Pass rate 90% up arrow second year

40% distinction level

82.2% overall student experience


Employers have also noticed the difference ranking VU graduates in the top 10 of more than 40 universities for work readiness.

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Top 10 for work readiness


And more than 90% of graduates are ranked highly for employability.

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90% ranked highly


So when you study with the VU Block Model, you know it's proven to give you the support and skills you need to succeed.

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Graphic of an employment contract and signature shown on screen


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