Chenali Amaratunga

Future Students Advisor, Victoria University

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Bachelor of Early Childhood Education pathways session. My name is Chenali, and I'm a Future Student Advisor at Victoria University.

In this webinar, we will be talking to you about possible pathway options from Victoria University Polytechnic to Victoria University for this course. And joining us is:

  • Diana Rector, Pathways Coordinator for Admissions
  • Shiona Long, Lecturer and Course Chair for Diploma of Education Studies
  • Scott Murray, Manager Pathways and Retention at Victoria University.

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Acknowledgement of Country


Before we start, I would like to acknowledge my country and pay my respects to the custodians of the land we live, work and study on today. And I would also like to pay my respects to the Elders past, present and emerging.

So as a student who's completing or already completed a program at VU Polytechnic, why transfer to University? There are a few reasons why, you would have an easier transition to university from TAFE where you can enhance and expand your scope of knowledge. You also have a wider range of career options and also would be able to get your degree in a shorter period of time, as you would be granted credits for your previous study, which also means you'll finish off with two qualifications. And most importantly, you'll be studying in our award-winning Block Model.

Talking a bit about the Block Model. I'll play you this clip which explains everything about it in just 60 seconds.

Block Model explained in 60 seconds video plays


We’ve been teaching the same way for hundreds of years now.

But the world around us has changed, and along with it, employer and industry needs.

So, at VU, we changed the way you learn with our Australian-first, Block Model.

Traditionally, you juggle the demands and deadlines of four units at once.

Instead, the VU Block Model has you focus on one unit at a time.

Each year will be broken into two semesters.

Each semester will be broken into four blocks which run for four weeks.

You focus on one unit in each block, completing all your assessments before moving onto the next.

So, instead of this (screen shows a graphic of 4 units being taught at once across each semester), VU's Block Model looks like this (screen shows a graphic of 1 unit at a time in 4 blocks across each semester).

The Block Model offers you flexible study options, support from one teacher per unit, and practical, hands-on teaching methods that prepare you for your future.

So when you study at VU, you know you’ll gain the support and skills you need to succeed.

Find out more about our Block Model.

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Australian first

The only Australian university delivering undergraduate degrees using a block model of teaching.

  • 1 subject at a time
  • 86.5% pass rate
  • 40% distinction or above
  • Under 35 students in class
  • Results within 3 days.


As you can see this has proven to be highly effective. And we are the first university in Australia to deliver our undergraduate programs entirely in the Block Model. As you study one subject at a time, it has resulted in a higher pass rate and over 40% of our students have received a distinction or above. Furthermore, there are under 35 students in a classroom which means you have a more personalised learning experience and results generally come within three days, which means you can get onto the next block without any delays.

I would now like to hand over to Diana to talk to you about Pathways and the admissions process.

Diana Rector

Pathways Coordinator – Admissions

Thank you Chenali.

If you're currently studying the Certificate IV in Education Support, you have a guaranteed entry into the higher education Diploma of Education Studies.

Before I move on Pathway processes, I'd also want to mention that for those of you that do decide to continue on to and successfully complete the Diploma, there are also more opportunities to then progress onto further higher education study within a bachelor. Have a look at the other education webinars for more information on this.

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Diagram representing pathway options and possible credits granted.

Certificate IV in Education Support (CHC40213) takes nine months to complete. It guarantees entry into the Diploma of Education Studies, which then takes one year to complete.


So, what is a conditional offer?

A pathway conditional offer means you have a guaranteed place into the Diploma upon successfully completing your current course and meeting any additional admissions criteria that may be required for the Diploma.

New conditional offers currently go out twice a year in approximately May and October. At the same time as new offers are sent, acknowledgement emails are also sent to those that have previously accepted their pathway conditional offer. These emails are sent to your student email account. Information regarding next steps in the pathway process are also provided in both emails.

When you receive a new conditional offer, you must accept this via the link within the email to indicate you would like to progress into higher education. Once the offer is accepted, we monitor your successful completion in your current course, as well as validate any admissions criteria that may be required for the Diploma.

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Admissions – pathways

What is a conditional offer?

A pathway conditional offer means you have a guaranteed place (and in some cases with advanced standing) upon:

  • successfully completing your current course
  • meeting any additional admissions criteria for the higher education course (if required).

Conditional offer process

New offers sent – twice a year.

Accepted offer acknowledgements sent – twice a year.

Once offer accepted:

  • completion in your current course is monitored
  • additional entry requirements for the higher education course are validated (if required).


I'm now going to talk a little bit about the full offer process.

Once successful completion in your current courses is confirmed, and we have validated that you have met any additional admission criteria if required, we will process your offer as well as any eligible advanced standing. From there, you'll be sent your 'enrol now' email for your full offer into the Diploma for the next available admissions intake.

To enrol into the Diploma you need to simply follow the prompts within the email, log into MyVU portal, except the full offer and enrol into available units. Please be aware that students receive pathway full offers at different stages. As successful completion is confirmed and pathway full offers are made right up until classes commence for each intake period.

If you're ever worried about your conditional or full pathway offer or have any questions about pathway processes, please email Pathways and we'll be happy to assist you further.

Thanks Chenali.

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Admissions – pathways

Full offer process

Once completion and any additional entry requirements are confirmed:

  • the offer is processed
  • eligible advanced standing is processed
  • full offer ‘Enrol in your Pathway course’ email into the Bachelor is sent for the next available admissions intake.

Enrolling into a higher education course

Follow the prompts within the email:

  • log into your MyVU portal
  • accept the offer
  • enrol into available units.

More information?

Email: [email protected].


Thanks Diana. Next, I would like to hand over to Mary-Rose to speak to you about industry insights and a bit more about this course.

Shiona Long

Lecturer and Course Chair for Diploma of Education Studies

So the Diploma of Education Studies, I think as the Course Chair, it's a really wonderful course for our students. We do run this course in Block Mode and there are eight units that form part of the course.

And we're part of the College of Arts and Education. So you'll certainly have heard of First Year College but as part of the College of Arts and Education, we have really strong links to our bachelor courses that many of our students pathway into. So there is a number of courses that you can do post the diploma. You can do a Bachelor of Education (P–12) with some additional entry requirements, a Bachelor of Early Childhood or a Bachelor of Education Studies.

So we really have a strong team of educators who many are school teachers with lots of education experience and whereas in First Year College, class sizes are up to up to about 35. We have 30 students maximum in our classes and students stay in a group so that their timetable is consistent and they're working with the same students throughout the year. And this is really one of those selling points I think of the Diploma of Education Studies because our students get really strong connections with their peers and also with their teachers.

We study units like learning through literacy. We do a STEM unit, so science, technology, engineering and maths. We learn about how to use ICT in education applications. We have a health unit. We do lots of arts-based practices, so whether that's putting on a play with your peers or learning how you can use visual arts or drama or music in an educational setting. And all the way through all of our units, there's a real focus on active learning, engaged learning, lots of participation, working with groups and working individually and developing your understanding of how educational theory connects to our everyday practices.

And we really pride ourselves on giving you lots of additional support. So in First Year College, the classes run for three hours three days a week. And in the Diploma of Education Studies, our classes are for four hours three days a week. And that additional hour just gives you some time to get some support from your tutors around your assessment work or do some little workshops with other members of your class.

Our pass rates in our course this year and last year, are around 90%. So our students do exceptionally well. And we really feel like it sets all of our students up very well for future pathways in education, whether that's going into early childhood, maybe considering being a primary teacher or a secondary teacher, working in community education or continuing to consider how you can be a teacher's aid or work in educational support with a greater depth of understanding of that is it to be a learner and how to support learners.

So I think that's probably all I need to say but please, if you have extra questions, you are certainly welcome to reach out to me via email.

Thanks again.

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Industry insights:

  • scope of employment
  • career advancement
  • earning potential
  • job options
  • international employment
  • career longevity.


Thanks Shiona, last but not least. I would like to hand over to Scott to speak to you about VU Employ and the opportunities at VU.

Scott Murray

Manager – Pathways and Retention

Thanks very much Chenali.

So VU Employ is the university's career service and it's available to all currently enrolled students and students after they've finished their studies at VU. It includes career advice through email support, the ability to book in for careers chats or one-on-one careers consultations with a qualified careers consultant, a huge range of different careers-based resources, a number of different programs including industry mentoring and beyond VU and ongoing events throughout the year, including careers fairs and expos, industry events and workshops.

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VU Employ services

  • Career advice – email support
  • Consultations – career chats (15 minutes via phone), career counseling (45 minutes via Zoom)
  • Resources – VU Employ Collaborate, Career toolkit, VU Employ career directory
  • Programs – Talent Connect Mentoring, Beyond VU, GVIP
  • Events – career fairs and expos, industry events, workshops.


VU Employ can:

  • help you with the decision-making and transitioning to higher education study and what you need to consider
  • assist you in identifying values, skills, interests, and the personal situation when deciding what to study
  • work with you in exploring the course options available, including those bachelor options after you complete the Diploma of Education Studies
  • provide the tools to research whether the study path will lead to strong job opportunities after graduation or beyond
  • explore those job opportunities available to you after you complete your HE degree, but also, given that you've completed the Certificate IV in Education Support, opportunities to work while you might choose to do further study.

As I mentioned, VU Employee is one of many different services available to VU students. We also have academic guidance and support available through the VU learning hubs based across all of our campuses. And that also includes student mentors, currently enrolled students who are high achieving and are keen to help other students. The study abroad program, leadership opportunities financial advice, wellness, and counseling services, VU Vollies – the volunteer program – and a huge range of different student clubs and societies, some of the many opportunities and services available to students at VU.

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Opportunities at University:

  • VU Learning Hub
  • study abroad
  • financial advice
  • VU Vollies
  • student mentors in library
  • leadership opportunities
  • wellness counseling
  • student clubs.


If you have any questions about anything covered in today's webinar:

  • for admissions information about your pathways or the pathways process, you can contact [email protected]
  • for additional course information you can email [email protected]
  • if you would like to book a one-on-one appointment with a qualified careers consultant, all you need to do is email [email protected].

We'd like to thank you very much for listening to today's webinar.