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[Animated words] Bike Hubs at VU

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Do you ride to VU?

While bicycle parking is available at all campuses, now there is upgraded facilities at Footscray.

There is now a safe place to secure your bike, have a shower, and store your bag at Footscray Park and Footscray Nicholson campuses.

At Footscray Park campus you will find:

  • 136 lockers with smart digital locks
  • ironing facilities and clothes airing units
  • toilet and shower facilities
  • a bicycle repair station with tools
  • and a rack for 91 bikes

At Footscray Nicholson campus you will find:

  • 90 lockers with smart digital locks
  • toilet and shower facilities
  • and bicycle racks for 50 bikes.

Learn more about VU's bike hubs on our website.

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VU logo and website: www.vu.edu.au/bike-hubs