Lively percussion music plays over lots of short video snippets that showcase the vibrancy and diversity of Footscray.

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Discover Footscray

A vibrant


Multicultural community

With a growing population

And growing popularity

A place that is welcoming

Offers a great lifestyle

Footscray is home to two VU campuses

Just 6km from Melbourne CBD


An animated map shows the short walk from Victoria University's Footscray Park campus to Footscray train station. Then, three stops on the train to Melbourne Central Business District and Victoria University's City King, City Queen and City Flinders campuses.

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In Footscray, you will discover a range of...

Restaurants and cafes



And sporting facilities

"Few suburbs are more vibrant than Footscray." – Travel Insider

"Visit Footscray for its vibrant arts, diverse cultures, great markets and food." – The Age

"Footscray has been named one of the coolest neighbourhoods in the world" – TimeOut

Meet new people

Make new friends

Footscray is ready

To welcome you

Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia