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Dr Joanne Pyke

Dr Joanne Pyke, Director of the School for the Visitor Economy

Hello, I’m Dr Joanne Pyke, the Director of the School for the Visitor Economy at Victoria University in Melbourne. The visitor economy is one of the fastest growing industry sectors in the world and VU is the only university in Australia to offer hospitality, tourism and events management from certificate level right through to degrees, masters and PHD level. Industry partnerships and placements are central to our teaching at VU – and ensure our students graduate as experienced and qualified professionals.

Christy Musco

Christy Musco, Talent and Culture Manager, Accor Hotels Australia

Accor has a good relationship with VU. We employ a lot of VU graduates. We also take work integrated learning placements whenever we can. And a lot of people whilst they're studying also enjoy casual work with us as well. Doing a work integrated learning placement often leads to more permanent ongoing employment with Accor hotels.

Dr Joanne Pyke

Pathways are available from related fields such as food science, transport and logistics, management and marketing, sports management and our prestigious MBA program. All programs are closely linked and guided by our industry partners and all our programs include the opportunity to gain hands-on and professional work experience.

Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson, Business Partner, People Culture and Improvement, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre

I think the things that we've really enjoyed with VU is the way that they tailor their courses. And this is why we're excited about partnering with VU - to actually have some industry input into, or at least support of the curriculum. I think that co-collaboration on how do we make this the best School for Visitor Economy in the best university is really exciting.

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