Upbeat music plays

Text on screen: Dilan, VU Student.

Dilan, VU Student

Bachelor of Paramedicine

My name’s Dilan.

I’m in the Army Reserves.

I work.

I’m a student.

I started uni when I finished school, but I wasn’t ready.

So I decided to do a gap year in the Army.

It’s such a big part of my life and something I wanted to keep doing when I decided to go back to uni.

I work a few days a week.

It’s great to have financial independence and to get a feel for a real work environment

But mostly, I’m keen to learn outside of university

Placement with the Flying Doctors has been great.

The best part about it was working hands on with real patients.

When I heard about the Victoria University Block Model, I jumped on it.

I’m only on campus 3 days a week.

Which gives me time to do all the things I want to do.

It lets me learn while still living my life.

That’s why the VU Block Model works for me.

It’s the new way to do uni.

Text on screen: The new way to do uni

Video ends

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