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V4U Day is VU’s major community volunteering event in Melbourne’s west.

Professor Ian Solomonides

Deputy Vice-Chancellor

V4U: it’s an annual event where we have around 400 of our students and our staff and they go out and they do a wide range of volunteering in the community. 

Cr Megan Bridger-Darling

Stony Creek Ward 

Our society in our community runs off of volunteers and the students are quite selfless and it helps them to understand how the real world works.

Elizabeth Phan

V4U Team Leader

Everyone came by themselves and already we've made friends. It's great. 


Gregory Lodge 

Elizabeth here is legally blind. Your student, Thu, is actually very engaging with Elizabeth because she's asking “what's your favourite colour?” 

Thu Le

Volunteer studying Bachelor of Social Work

It was really emotional when she came up the second time and she said, “we're such a good teamwork and we were able to do this together and you were able to help me.” I'm like, “no, you helped me. You guided me through the process.” She was happy and that made me happy. 

Georgia Evgeniadis

Volunteer studying Bachelor of Paramedics

I wanted to come back this year because I really had fun last year. 

V4U volunteer

Actually, our whole group became friends. We all added each other and got numbers. It was a very fun day.

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