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Dr Deni Ridwan

Director for Risk Management and Legal, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia

Doctor of Philosophy, 2015 

Dr Ridwan

My name is Deni Ridwan. I graduated from VU Business School.

My research, I tried to analyse the impact of financial safety net on banking industry, Indonesia. The financial safety net is the major policy response after the financial crisis because it was developed to prevent the next financial crisis. So that's why my, my studies are quite important. Especially when I returned to Indonesia, I was assigned into a team who drafting law regarding our financial system stability. So my knowledge and research during tests program still beneficial for me to help in drafting the law. And the law was passed in 2016 by the Indonesian Parliament.

As research students, we have great independency in defining our journey. So I think it doesn't matter actually, where you take your doctor degree as long as the support facility is there. Even after I graduated from VU, we still have very close relationship with other research students.

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