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Cisco Webex

The online meeting tool for Victoria University

Once you have downloaded the scheduling application from vu.webex.com,

you are ready to starts scheduling Webex meetings.

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Outlook calendar is shown, and the cursor moves around following verbal instructions by the narrator.


To schedule a new meeting in Outlook, create a new meeting in your calendar,

add a subject, select a date and time and invite attendees.

Click the add webex meeting button then send the appointment

This populates the meeting details into the body of the message

On the day and time of the scheduled meeting, the host and attendees will receive an Outlook reminder

Everyone joining will click the link Join Webex meeting to be connected

When prompted, connect to the meeting audio. Call using computer is the most preferred.

As an alternative, users also have the option to join a meeting using a video conference room

On the touch panel, enter the address displayed in the meeting invitation labelled join from a video system or application

The address contains numbers followed by @vu.webex.com as shown in this example...

Speaker says [email protected]

When the room connects to the meeting, video and audio is available and controlled using the touch panel.

If you also join the Webex meeting using your laptop while in the room, do not join the audio on your laptop or mobile device as this causes audio interference.

Once connected to a Webex meeting, visibly share and edit files with input from meeting participants.

Pass the ball to allow others to share, chat, record for viewing later and have face to face conversations

using video.

Enjoy getting started with Cisco Webex.

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IT Service Desk

Phone: 9919 2777

Email: [email protected]

Support site: intranet.vu.edu.au/ccc 

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