Cisco Jabber provides access to messaging, videos and voice calling, and integration with Webex Meetings. This video provides an overview to Cisco Jabber with a voiceover and on-screen demonstration.


Welcome to an overview of Cisco Jabber.

This new communications tool provides access to:

  • messaging
  • voice and video calling and
  • integration with Webex meetings.

To begin using messaging capabilities, search for a contact within Victoria University or select an existing contact from a group.

Highlight the name and click the chat bubble to begin a conversation.

To place a call, type a contact name or phone number into the search field or click the call button next to any existing contact.

With a voice call in progress you have the option to convert the conversation into a video call using the start video button.

With a call in progress all control buttons will appear at the bottom of the window.

Because Jabber is integrated with Cisco Webex, the meetings button displays your meeting schedule.

Click the start or join button next to a meeting name to connect with Webex.

It's also useful to know that a meeting can be started from within an instant messaging conversation window.

Starting a meeting from the message window automatically sends an invitation to the other party.

Enjoy getting started with Cisco Jabber.

(Video ends)

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