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The New Way to Do Uni

David Goodwin

We live in a fast-changing world where disruption is rapidly becoming the norm.

And in this context, our business graduates need to have the skillsets to succeed in this dynamic new environment

I'm David Goodwin and I'm the head of industry and external engagement here at Victoria University.

We're a university that focuses on providing real-world challenges and exposing our students to the world of business that they will encounter after they graduate.

This is reflected in our classroom experiences in the kinds of assessments we undertake and, of course, in our revolutionary block teaching model.

Students study their courses in shorter, sharper periods – an accelerated education.

We have a real-world focus. Our students experience this in the kinds of assessments they undertake, in their classroom experiences, and on top of that, you'll have access to internships and mentoring opportunities, helping you decide the direction you want to take with your future career

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The New Way to Do Uni. Victoria University.