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Paul Bronson

Lecturer, Coordinator of Communication studies

Communication studies major and minor

Paul Bronson

My name is Paul Bronson and I'm the Coordinator for Communication Studies at Victoria University.

Communication studies is about a number of different elements such as: looking at aspects of communication styles, looking at language, looking at different elements of culture, also looking at communication technologies.

The subjects in Communication Studies include:

  • culture and communication
  • media culture and society
  • TV production
  • radio production
  • cross media practice
  • and world cinemas.

The skills that students would learn from communication studies are obviously skills relating to communication such as written and oral communication skills and giving a good presentation, also say things like job interview skills, also some field research skills because they do our observations in the field. Of course in TV production they get a bit of a feel for a TV studio and how to operate a camera and also radio production they do things like podcasting and that sort of thing. They also learned about blogs and social media. They basically get a good range of communication skills.

By taking the communication studies major students learn about aspects of communication in a whole lot of different contexts, not only about understanding about different cultures and how different cultures might communicate differently in different situations, but also how things have changed over time in terms of communication and how we've adapted to new technologies and how they're used and how to actually make them work better in that in the field of communication, but also I guess learning about the media as well and how media stories are written and how you can actually analyse them too.

What's really great about communication studies is that you learn more about the way that the world of communication works, so effectively you become a better communicator; looking at, you know, different aspects of nonverbal communication, verbal communication, communication technologies, they're all integral parts of the way society works, so by unpacking how each component works you can actually control the way you communicate and thus communicate better.

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