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Megan Campbell

My name's Megan Campbell. I'm a Lecturer in Visual Arts at Victoria University. I'm based at Footscray Nicholson Campus and that's where the arts studios are.

The course that you do for the visual arts at Victoria University starts off with the basic skills that you need to be able to create your artwork.

In life drawing you really learn the skills of observation, you really learn how to look; sounds ridiculous but most people don't truly look.

Then you move on into the unit 'drawing and painting', which further explores the basic skills but more of a focus on using colour and textures within the artwork.

They're very structured units. The later units Still Life Projects, Experimental Art, do have set topics but it allows for the students to really find their own voice in the units.

All the units are taught at Footscray Nicholson and it's a studio-based teaching format, so you're actually in an art studio creating the artwork. The benefit of having the studio approach, I guess probably is actually the close proximity of the other students working. So apart from the teaching from the lecturers, you're also learning from your peers as well. In that format the work's being made there at that time, so you instantly see other ways of doing things, which is fabulous.

Students that take a visual art course obviously are learning the skills... the practical skills, of how to paint, draw and the other various art mediums, but I think probably more widely, they're learning how to research, they're learning how write promotional materials; there's lots of skills in the visual arts that are widely transferable.

We know about the past really through the broader forms of arts - you know, writing, music, the visual arts, and they are all interconnected. So I think for us to actually understand ourselves... art hones in on that, and I think that is absolutely essential. It's really satisfying to see the people that come in with no background and really question their abilities to actually see them by the end of the course really feeling confident about what they're doing and it's it's just a lovely area to see people bloom in.

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