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Greg Aronson

Lecturer and Co-chair of Music, Music major & minor

My name's Greg Aronson, I'm the coordinator of the Bachelor of Music at Victoria University and I manage the music major.

I love jazz and blues and pop and rock and everything else in between and we get to teach that, to talk about it, read about it and listen to it every day. That's a great job. We're one of the few contemporary music degrees in Australia at university.

All the teachers who take music units are industry practitioners, with a great deal of performing, recording, composition history. They're current practitioners so they're able to bring their real-life, real-world skills into the classroom but they're also really passionate teachers who want to impart their knowledge and work with students to get their best.

Students doing the music major as part of their education degree learn to consolidate their music theory skills; they learn to develop collaborative musical skills in an ensemble environment; they learn about contemporary music history and they also learn about the basics of music software and the basics of recording. They also learn how to speak in a musical language, so how to communicate musically using correct theoretical terminology and to describe and understand what it is that they're playing, interpreting and presenting.

You're able to take what we call a minor in music which is four units of study, and those units deal with music technology, musicology or the history and culture of music, and music and the mind - the psychology of music.

For those undertaking the music minor it's perhaps an opportunity to explore more deeply some of the questions that they would have already had about music: Why do I like the music that I like? Why do I gravitate towards some music but not others? What does that music mean? What does the music mean to me and what does it mean to other people? It's just an opportunity to take it a bit further than your Spotify playlist. Our music facilities are based at Kindred Studios in Yarraville, which is about five minutes around the corner from the Footscray Park Campus. We have dedicated recording studios, practice suites, Mac labs, state-of-the-art technology and facilities, but it's all housed in a really cool collaborative arts environment with a cafe, live venue and it's just a great place to hang out, be creative, meet people, network and do wonderful things with art and music.

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