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When juggling work, family, friends and everything in between, studying online can feel overwhelming.

So at VU Online, we provide students 4 layers of personalised academic and non-academic support.

The first layer is an Online Unit Facilitator who provides 1:1 academic support via phone, email or SMS 7 days a week. Facilitators have an excellent track record of providing same-day responses to all student enquiries.

The second layer of support comes from an Online Unit Coordinator who delivers live weekly online office hours and fortnightly teaching seminars.

A Student Success Advisor is the third layer of support, and on-hand Monday to Friday via phone and email, to help students with any non-academic queries.

The final layer is a network of personalised IT, Library, Language Literacy and Numeracy support, as well as counselling services, so instead of this, student support looks like this.

VU Online's model of dedicated, prompt, and responsive 1:1 support - 7 days a week - sets VU apart from all other Australian Universities.

As a student with VU Online, you experience high-quality, career-based education along with unparalleled support to create your success story.

From the moment you enrol, the four layers of dedicated support are here to help you achieve your goals.

Day one, to graduation, and beyond.

Find out more: www.vu.edu.au/vu-online