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The International Foundation program at VU is designed to prepare international students for their first year of University study.

What do you like most about the International Foundations course?

Maelyn, International Foundations student

What I like most about studying at the International VU program is that all the members, staffs, and teachers are really kind.

They are really helpful, so I'm not scared to ask questions.

Perushi, International Foundations student

Now at VU I have so many friends from different cultures, like 20 cultures from many countries, so I'm really enjoying being with them.

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What subjects are you studying?

Maryam, International Foundations student

Currently, I'm studying two mathematics subjects, academic writing and chemistry.

My favourite subject is chemistry. That is because we get to do practicals each week and in these practicals we get to apply what we learned in class.

Keosombath, International Foundations student

The most thing I like about VU is that in this campus, they have many different buildings.


The best thing is the library. I really enjoy reading in library and studying.

There are so many study spaces in VU.


The most thing that I enjoy at VU that there are a lot of activities that happen on a monthly basis.

There are a lot of cultural activities, as well, and in these cultural activities, we get to learn more about other cultures.

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What is the best thing about living in Melbourne?


The best thing about living in Melbourne is that it's easy to get around because of the transportation.

It's much easier with the train and the bus.

Beside that, we have Ubers, and other stuff. And also, we can walk somehow.


I get to meet a lot of people from different countries, so I learn a lot about cultures, languages of other people, and I make friends with different people too.

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What advice would you give to other future students considering the International Foundations course?


My advice that I would give to future students is that not to be afraid to ask questions and also to visit the Learning Hub in the Library to get help for your assignments and studies.


I highly recommend VU to come here and enjoy studying here.


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Students have guaranteed entry to VU undergraduate degrees and higher education diplomas if they complete the International Foundations program and the entry requirements specified by those degrees. Guaranteed pathways vu.edu.au/courses/international/jqag