The VU Vollies program is our student volunteering program.

Over a third of our volunteers are international and exchange students.

So it's a great opportunity for students to meet people and to make a friend, and give back to the VU and the local community.

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Make new friends and networks


The biggest volunteering activity we have for the year is V4U Day.

Students don't need any experience or training.

So it's a great opportunity for international students to take that first step.


I just come to Melbourne and it's kind of like sometimes being lonely, far from family, and I want to make some connection with the others in the university as well.

I feel like the Vollies team always make me feel like a family.

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Increase your English skills


The most important thing is you need to know how to network with people.

So I think I'm just trying to improve my communication skills, and to like communicate properly with other people and make new friends.

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Enhance your job prospects


It helps you to develop skills for employment, such as teamwork, problem solving.

And it's also an opportunity to give back to the community.

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Welcome new students

Lead campus tours

Promote VU events

Attend workshops

Support local community


For me, the most satisfying thing of being part of this program is watching those relationships grow, and seeing those students become part of VU and feel like they belong.

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