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It's about celebrating who we are

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At VU cultural diversity is

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It's about empathy and cultural inclusivity

It's about creating opportunities

At VU it's having over 90 different cultures represented

It's about challenging stereotypes

It's learning about cultural perspectives

It's feeling free to wear my hijab

It's about valuing our differences

It's about seeing your culture through someone else's eyes

It's being accessible

It's about being respectfully curious

At VU it's about speaking over 200 languages

It's not about the accent, it's about real communication

It's about questioning our own sense of cultural identity

It's being authentic

It's about trying new foods and learning about their significance

At VU it's being on campus with teachers who look like me

It's about knowing that we all have a rick cultural background

It's getting past labels of 'faith', 'colour', 'age', 'gender'

It's about learning how to engage with peers

It's being genuinely interested in our differences and commonalities

It's about embracing new ideas, experiences and ways of doing things

It's about creating a comfortable place for all of us - not just some of us

It's what makes me - 'me'!

It's about working together

It's about humanity

It's about celebrating who we are

It's a lifelong journey of discovery

It's our VU advantage

It's about what make us - us!

Cultural diversity - what does it mean to you?

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Enrich, Connect, Celebrate - Cultural Diversity at VU