Alexander Haw: I've taken away that I've just got to get out there and do stuff. Stop thinking about it, start on my entrepreneurial skills and start applying myself to the workforce.

Grant Mitchell: I really enjoyed Leonie's workshop with the Lego pieces. That was a really creative, intellectual way of thinking about how to express yourself and talk about your journey and present your vision of the future. 

Rebecca Elder: What I'm going to take away from today is that everything starts with a small step, so no matter how big my goal is one step will get me there. 

Aditi Bhargava: I think it made us think a lot about the career choices we have. Studying in university, we don't get those - what are our other choices - not just having one mindset but being open to any other possibilities in the workplace.

Delight Wambura: Through the Leadership Conference I learnt a lot of transferable skills and also learnt that the skills i learnt in my job build are also transferrable to other job build by training more and getting more skills in that aspect. 

Abel Sauoaiga: Extremely grateful for this opportunity that the university provided for us to upgrade and enhance our leadership skills.