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Aspire: Young Muslim Women's Governance & Leadership Training Program

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Teba Mazin, 2018 Aspire Graduate

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It was really exciting to be involved in a program that welcomes such a diverse range of leaders.

We had 16 participants, but they spoke collectively over 16 languages and were [from] over 10 different industries, ranging from business and marketing, and arts and biomedicine to law and engineering.

So it was really exciting to be able to connect with these leaders who think in different ways.

During the Aspire program, we had multiple workshops around the topics of governance and leadership skills as well as media advocacy. And we had the ability to connect and learn from the expertise of CEOs and directors of various community organisations and I think that made a huge difference in terms of inspiring us to do more and be more.

I decided to participate in the Aspire program because I believe that it could help me develop these governance and leadership skills that are necessary, not only in my career, but also right now in my voluntary role at Happy Brain Education.

I'm really excited to stay in touch and be connected with the alumni of the Aspire network, meeting not only the future leaders, but also the past ones as well.

In an ideal world, women aren't afraid of taking leadership and governance positions but rather feeling empowered by the sense of diversity they bring to the workplace.

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From 2019 select Aspire past participants will be trained to progressively take over control of the program.

The Sir Zelman Cowen Centre will devolve responsibility of the program back to the Muslim community by the end of 2020.

The SZCC would like to recognise our Aspire partners and funders: the Lord Majors Charitable Foundation (2019–2020)

The Islamic Council of Victoria

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