Katrina Gubbins

Engagement Communications Coordinator

Learning on the Edge is a unique series of events that is interactive and it challenges the traditional norms of learning. We've basically flipped the university inside-out and we really wanted to get people out of their comfort zones, so it was all about unconventional learning experiences.

Dr Shane Huntington

Triple R's Einstein A Go Go

We wanted to do something that basically linked much of the work done at Victoria University and some of the interests of the University to the local community.

Katrina Gubbins

Learning on the Edge really wanted to come out onto the streets of Footscray and responds to our really unique community by bringing into our program diverse events such as Food for Thought, where we had people enjoying an amazing Ethiopian meal as a group.

Elias Yemane

Co-owner of Jambo Café

Starting with this kind of standards, it can bring people together and also that is introducing and promoting Footscray, and also it is good to help for awareness - cultural awareness.

Akuol Garang

Human Rights Advocate

A program like this is actually really great because it gives us that opportunity to be able to just sit down with the locals and just have a chat and get to know each other on a basic level. It's a really wonderful program!

Katrina Gubbins

We wanted to challenge the traditional ways that people learn by having them take control of the learning outcomes. So we would have people going into a dark room meeting a complete stranger and through that they'd learn all these really interesting things about themselves and the other person.


'In the Dark' participant

So I just participated in 'In the Dark' which is an event where you go into a very, very dark room and you talk to a stranger and, yeah, couldn't see them at all, we just had a conversation and it was amazing. What I learned? I think just to be more open to, yeah, like, not kind of judge people on what someone... like I was constantly thinking, they're challenging me, or you know, just be more open and relaxed going into the conversations.

Katrina Gubbins

We had things from science experiments with children, from primary school age... We also had local conversations where people would go and enjoy a conversation with one person, and that was in a range of local businesses and vendors and a great way to get people out into some different places in Footscray.


One of the most exciting things, I think, about Learning on the Edge is that it's not the traditional way of learning - it's more progressive; you're learning through experience.

Katrina Gubbins

We're really looking forward to bringing some more exciting programs and events to Footscray in our local community that again look at learning and education but in a really different challenging and quirky way.

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