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And lift off of OSIRIS-REx on its seven year mission.

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VU Academy is sending 21 students to NASA.

Students will be based at NAS's Housten centre and exposed to cutting edge science and technology.

Dr Adrian Stoica is a NASA Research Scientist and VU Alumnus.

He met with students from the VU Academy and shared his story.

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Dr Adrian Stoica

Adrian Stoica:

So thats's kind of how I got started when I got there.

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Associate Professor Thinh Nguyen, Head of VU Academy for Social Change & Leadership

Thinh Nguyen:

Adrian's visit was very beneficial to the students in that it gave students a sense of what it takes to get from VU to a place like NASA and how exciting NASA is. So I think his visit and his presentation was really inspiring to the students. I think they're quite excited in that, you know, this is going to be the first time some of them are going to be traveling overseas, you know, and to a place like NASA which is one of the most exciting places on earth, you know, and to go there and with the opportunity they have they're really excited about it.

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Zoe King, NASA Study Tour Participant

Zoe King:

I am most excited for just doing a little bit like astronaut training just to simulate how it is like in space... zero gravity getting to play around and be in like the big suits and it's like really live out a dream. It's going to be amazing!

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Victoria University is the first university in Australia to send students on a NASA Study Tour.

VU Students can reach for the stars.

Victoria University Melbourne Australia

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