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VU Career Practitioners’ Forum 2018

First Year Model Feedback

With Rae Gibbs & Clare Borg, Aitkin College


Rae Gibbs:

I'm really excited about it. I think it's really transformative, and you can see how first-year students and prospective students would find it really appealing. Because it's engaging and there's every chance that they're going to have some early success, make some connections with people that will go the distance, and you know, that ticks all the boxes.

Because transition under, you know, the conservative and the traditional model, is really really challenging and bright students struggle. So for mainstream kids, for kids that have sometimes got some other challenges in their life, I think it's a fabulous way to go forward and it's really, really proactive instead of reactive.

Clare Borg:

I love the way the staff are so passionate. I think in the presentations that we heard today that really shown through. That the staff are on board and they're excited about it and then we heard from the students and that passion and enthusiasm is transferred to the students.

So it's a program that's got the support from both ends so to speak, and I think that's really exciting and I do think it evens out the stresses we heard about. How the sort of the ups and downs of university life are evened out. A lot of students these days have to work or do other activities outside their studies. So to have a timetable that allows them to do that and yet still be successful and complete everything that they need to complete in their qualification I think is really exciting.


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