VU is revolutionising the way you learn

Riley Campbell, Law

I've been talking to my friends from other universities and they say that their life, their university life in particular is a lot more hectic and crazy than what I personally am experiencing at Victoria University with the first year model.

Why is studying with more focus better?

Annabelle Goonasekera, Psychology

It reduces the fact that I can't procrastinate, but it does increase the fact that I have to focus on my degree more, which is really good.

Declan O'Brien, Sport and Exercise Science

There's one class to focus on so you can really commit to that class and you can do your assigned homework or your assignments in a way that suits you. And you're not having to deal with five, six other classes at one time.

[Titles on screen]

  • “I've loved every moment”
  • “Eliminates the stress”
  • “I can focus and be happy”

Liam Mulcahy, Education

If I was to do four subjects at a time, and four assignments at a time, it'd be a lot of coffee-fuelled nights and coffee-fuelled days - trying to get it all done. Whereas, yeah, it's a lot less stressful doing just one at a time rather than four at once.

What makes the classes so different?

Annabelle Goonasekera, Psychology

It's way easier to make friends this way because the classrooms are quite small too. And with the way the classrooms are very interactive, you're constantly, like, discussing with other people. Even just the way the content has been created, you kind of have to talk to people and make friends.

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  • “My friends at other unis are very jealous”
  • “Our teacher is really fun”
  • “It’s tailor made teaching”

How does it compare to high school?

Ethan Ellul

I'm there three days a week, three hours each day, and it's Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

Definitely easier, because in high school you're obviously juggling a lot more subjects and you're there a lot more often. But with the first year model, yeah, you're focusing on one thing at a time and so, yeah, it's a lot more easy to manage it all.

Victoria University’s revolutionary First Year Model.