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Dr Scott Bingley, Lecturer of Information Systems & Director of VU’s SAP Next-Gen Lab

Dr Scott Bingley

My name’s Dr Scott Bingley, I’m the lecturer of Information Systems at Victoria University. And I’m the Director of the SAP Next-Gen Lab.

Our Masters of ERP and Masters of Analytics use SAP as a practical component. It gives them experience on how they use SAP, with real-world problems, but also it’s a name brand they can use.

So, they can say I’ve done work for AusNet, or I’ve done work with O-A Glass; so, therefore, they’ll have an insight on how organisations work.

It’ll make them job-ready, so they can slot straight into a position.

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VU offers world-class masters degrees in business analytics and ERP systems.

Leveraging a 20-year industry partnership multinational software corporation SAP, VU is proud to house Australia’s first SAP Next-Gen Lab.

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