The Hon. Nicola Roxon, Chair, The Sir Zelman Cowen Centre

The Sir Zelman Cowen Centre at Victoria University is a legal education, training and research centre that works with partners across the community to make sure that the community understands the law and lawyers understand the community that they're working in.

Courts and tribunals are integral to our justice system. So the Courts and Tribunals Academy at the Sir Zelman Cowen Centre focuses on helping, train and support staff that work in those crucial decision-making bodies.

Our role is to bring together thought leaders from around the world so that we can look at innovation and be a meeting place for those thought leaders to look at the challenges into the future.

For example, we ran the Law and Courts in an Online World Conference, which explored innovation in the justice sector.

Last year our ground-breaking conference brought together religious and lay leaders from 17 different faith groups.

A second focus of the centre's work is law and cultural diversity. We've developed quite a lot of expertise in working with the Muslim community, the Jewish community, leaders across other faiths.

The Centre can do anything from training Chinese lawyers in principals of Australian law to running a leadership program for young Muslim women who are trying to participate more in their community.

The Sir Zelman Cowen Centre is committed to the mission of Victoria University; opportunity and success for all.

For example we deliver an outreach program to high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds to demystify the legal profession.

We'd welcome working with more partners, philanthropists, government and business.

All of you can help the Centre with its important mission and we look forward to working with you as partners into the future.

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