We’ve been teaching the same way for hundreds of years now.

But the world around us has changed, and along with it, employer and industry needs.

So at VU, we changed the way you learn with our Australia-first, First Year Model.

Traditionally, you juggle the demands and deadlines of four units at once.

Instead, the First Year Model has you focus on one unit at a time.

Your first year will be broken into two semesters.

Each semester will be broken into four blocks which run for four weeks.

You focus on one unit in each block, completing all your assessments before moving onto the next.

So, instead of this (screen shows a graphic of 4 units being taught at once across each semester), your first year looks like this (screen shows a graphic of 1 unit at a time in 4 blocks across each semester).

The First Year Model offers you flexible study options, support from one teacher per unit, and practical, hands-on teaching methods that prepare you for your future.

So when you study at VU, you know you’ll gain the support and skills you need to succeed.

Learn more about our first year like no other.